Identify Your Child’s Learning Style Preference Quiz

1. You are shopping with your child, they:

2. You are reading a story, what is your child doing

3. You are teaching your child a new thing, do they

4. Will your child read to themselves, even if they can’t READ read yet?
READING/WRITING(If selection is "Always")

5. Can your child hold a conversation well for their age? VISUAL (If selection is "Yes")

6. Does your child wait for the directions prior to starting a task? AUDITORY (If
selection is "Yes")

7. With other children, your child…

8. What do you think your child has a natural talent for

9. You’re teaching your child how to ride a bike. Your child

10. Does your child enjoy working with their hands? KINESTHETIC (If selection is "Yes")

11. When given the option to play alone, what would your child be most likely to
choose to do