We are the PARENT’s Math Coach

"Feel More Confident and Empowered When Helping Your Children with "New" Math."

Our Mission

Changing the intelligence identity of thenext generation one number at a time.

At Annelytics Anew, we believe math is all around and within us. We help parent’s understand and apply their child’s unique interest, hobbies and perspective to make make math customizable and relatable to each child. Annelytics Anew equips parents with the resources and techniques they need to help the children be successful in math. So that we can change the intelligence identity of the new generation, one number at a time.

Identify Your Child’s Learning Style Preference Quiz

Knowing your child’s learning style preference can make a world of difference as you help them navigate the math curriculum. 

About Our CEO

Excellence in Math is not about intelligence. It's about INTENTION.

Ms. Annelytics aka Dianne Reid is a trained tutor who has served as a classroom assistant in NYC public school for 8th grade and Algebra students. She has her degree in Applied Mathematics and has spent years providing tutoring services to students of all ages. Through her years of study and training she realized the tools she acquired as a tutor would be just as beneficial to parents and guardians who help their children with math. Ms. Annelytics takes great pride taking her experiences and empowering people with the tools they need to be successful.

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Annelytics Anew
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